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Your Privacy over My publicity

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

One of the reasons you may not have heard of me is due to the utmost importance I place on maintaining confidentiality with clients.

Although it is always nice for those I work with to mention myself when they choose to I see client confidentiality as a fundamental principle that I strictly adhere to.

Respecting the privacy and trust of clients is paramount to creating a safe and secure environment in which they can openly discuss their challenges and goals.

This confidentiality allows clients to feel comfortable sharing sensitive information without the fear of judgment or their personal matters being shared with others.

By ensuring complete confidentiality, I create a space where clients can freely explore their thoughts, emotions and experiences.

My working background is within professional clinical settings such as Hospitals, GP centres and counselling environments so confidentiality is second nature to me and is something I have transferred across to working in the sporting environment.

This confidentiality builds a strong foundation of trust, which is essential for the coaching process to be as effective as possible.

While confidentiality is essential for clients, it does mean that my work may not be as widely recognised and talked about as some other people who claim to work within the same or similar field.

I prioritise the well being and privacy of clients over publicity, as their growth, progress and success is my primary focus.

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