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Confidentiality & Professionalism 

I pride myself in being professional and providing the same high-quality confidential and ethical service to everyone I work with, be it someone who speaks with me regarding family issues, addiction, their working life or personal matters to those in Elite Sport or who have high profile statuses.

Everything that we speak about is confidential and will not be shared with others although there are important limitations to this which are explained below.

I feel that it is incredibly important for a client to know that they can speak in confidence and have the trust that things we discuss won't be shared either in person or remotely such as via social media platforms or to the press and media.

My purpose is to provide a trusted environment where it is safe to talk over issues and to find solutions to those problems.

There are some reasons when I may have to break confidentiality such as:

  • If a person declares that they are going to cause harm to themselves or another.

  • If a person declares that they are going to commit a criminal offence  

  • If a person states that they are involved with terrorism

  • Being ordered to by a court  

If I do have to break confidentiality for any reason, I do this as much as possible while working together and again supporting you through this process.

I am fully qualified and insured to offer the services that I do with details available on request as well as being qualified within safeguarding and having an up-to-date DBS check.

Be assured that together we will be working confidentially, safely and responsibly

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