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Sport performance

Support from someone who knows your sport

Working on the side of sport psychology has been increasingly recognised as being an important part of achieving peak performance. For many years people have known how important it is, but surprisingly were still relatively slow in working on this area.

​Read any sporting book from over the years regarding the technical side and there will be some mention of the importance of the way you think and the psychological. However for many sports this has only recently been put into practice, where competitors strive to strengthen their minds in a bid to increase their ability.

​Around 20 years ago while working within clinical settings such as GP centres and Hospitals, with those struggling with serious anxiety, depression, addiction and confidence issues I knew that the skills I was trained and qualified to use would transfer seamlessly into sport so started to adapt what I had learned

While considering my own interest within sport and coaching knowledge my view is that a sports person wants to be able to concentrate upon performing to the best of their ability with as a clear and calm mind as possible, so I created and developed a number of techniques and a unique way of working to make this feel as natural and as simple as possible, which in turn made the tools easier to use when under immense perceived pressure.

​Unlike many methods I felt that providing someone with another list of things to remember and do while trying to compete wasn’t helpful so my focus was helping a competitor to build upon more natural element's that they already have, allowing them to concentrate and fully focus on what they really need to.

Since 2004 I have used and continued to develop this method of working with fantastic results and have a proven track record in a large number of sports with people of differencing abilities. No matter the sport you compete within I can help you to achieve your goals, gain that winning edge and compete to the top of your ability.

I have worked and continue to work with a number of high profile elite athletes and sports personalities as well as amateurs including those just starting out and no matter how big or small the goals are that are set we strive together to achieve them.

​I supply everyone I work with their own personal folder which contains work sheets moulded to their specific needs which are discussed within our free initial assessment. This not only helps us to visually work through issues as well as verbally, but also provides a permanent reference that the person I’m working with can use as a reminder of how far they have come, the tools to use in different situations and their plan and pathway to follow for the future.

We not only work on the areas of your sport but where possible you as a whole, as outside influences even if not conscious of them can greatly affect performance.

​I pride myself in the way that I work, the results it has provided to many in sport and my professionalism around confidentiality and integrity and gain my excitement and sense of achievement by seeing you accomplish your ambitions and goals.

Are you ready to start winning, then let’s do this together.

The skills and method's I use work across all sports and in fact all areas of life,  I have experience in working within many with the main ones listed below 


The sport where it all started for me when working in professional sport.

I have a great track record of working with those at all levels within Snooker which has included supporting amateurs on their path to become professionals, Competitors to qualify and play at the World championships and to win major tournaments on the main World snooker tour. Be it local league, Qtour, Qschool, The seniors, The disability tour, Women's tour or the main tour. The results speak for themselves and continue to be added to.

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A knockout blow to any opponent is to face someone who not only is physically fit and technically knowledgeable but who is also mentally strong and resilient. A mental strength that is based on fact that cannot be undone. 

Some may say that boxing is the biggest test for the way that I work and the methods I use however they fit seamlessly. Being able to make the correct decisions and giving yourself a positive boost quickly while under immense pressure is what they do best. I have worked with a number of high profile boxers.  

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From working with players who want to perform better within their local dart league to professionals on the PDC tour i have worked on all levels.

 I continue to help you hit the mark with a clear and calm mind, bringing out the best in your ability.

I have also worked with a number of people through dartitis supporting them to again play freely and to achieve their goals while reigniting their career. 

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"Think stay out of the bunker, you'll end up in the bunker"

I have had fantastic success over the years when supporting golfers, working with players of all abilities, genders and ages, from beginners to professionals.

I am used to working alone or together with a players swing coach to bring out the best in a golfer's ability helping many at amateur level to gain professional status and professionals to achieve their ambitions.

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Over the years I have worked within football extremely successfully. They say there is no I in team, yet there are individual performances and by working as a group or individually I can help team members encourage and support each other to bring out their best, to recover from setbacks quickly, to keep motivation and to build self belief and confidence. 

I have worked especially well with strikers to overcome "Goal droughts" and to manage that little voice that pops up at that critical moment that says "Don't miss" 

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My personal interest in Athletics goes back years with a passion for track and field events and a history within Cross country running, sprinting and long-distance running.

The methods i use are incredibly useful for maintaining motivation, staying in the moment, resetting after setbacks and remaining fully focused.

Perform at your best and to the top of your ability with a clear and relaxed mind allowing you to follow your process and your performance plan   

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