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Advice around stopping Smoking

Smoking can be a very challenging habit to stop however like any habit it is more than possible and the benefits to be gained including improvements to health and finances huge.

Within this guide are a number of effective ways to move away from smoking, tackle cravings and explore a number of advantages to concentrate upon and can be achieved from changing this unwanted habit.


Having a strong determination to move away from smoking is important, making a firm decision to stop with a set date provides a good structure that you can use to hold yourself accountable and use as a guide to measure how well you are doing.

Having this goal with clear objectives will help to give you a feeling of control and confidence. It is a good idea to write these down or keep a record upon your mobile phone. Most mobiles have a note pad app to record this on. Support:

Gaining good support from loved ones, friends or a support group is encouraged. Many GP services and pharmacies will have information on local groups that you can access.

Let people know what you are wanting to achieve and when by so that they are aware and can support you during this time. Their encouragement and understanding should be helpful and can significantly increase your chances of success.

There are also a number of dedicated helplines and mobile apps that can offer guidance and support so consider utilising these. Alternatives:

Find and use healthy alternatives to fill time that you may usually smoke within and to act as a distraction when experiencing cravings. Engaging in regular physical exercise, practising deep breathing exercises, starting a new hobby or interest can all act as great distractions.

These alternatives will also help provide you with benefits of their own which can help grow self-belief , confidence and feelings of wellbeing and help deal with any stress. Cravings:

Cravings are the most challenging aspect of stopping a habit such as smoking as well as “Process fixation” the process of buying cigarettes or devices, tapping the packet, recharging devices etc all of which contribute to forming a habit of behaviour.

·Understand the triggers or situations, emotions or people that prompt the urge to smoke and put plans in place to start off with of how you can avoid them

This may include something like deciding to complete a different activity during a lunch time break. Talking to a different group of people or avoiding alcohol if this often precedes smoking.

·Reward your successes:

Plan to reward yourself when reaching specific targets, celebrate milestones rewarding yourself with non smoking related treats, perhaps a fun outing, new clothes or foot ware, new gadget, Short breaks, meals out , a film at the cinema or a relaxing spa day, whatever you can think of that you enjoy and would look forward to gaining or doing.

Nicotine replacement:

Many people are able to manage stopping smoking by not using alternatives but they are a great tool to help reduce smoking and stop. Products such as nicotine gums, patches, inhalers or nasal sprays all can help to reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

There are also a number of prescribed medications that you can gain by consulting your healthcare professional.

Finances: Other than the health benefits known around stopping smoking it can also lead to substantial savings. A good technique to help stop is to calculate the amount of money you may be able to save and imagine and visualise what you could do with those funds instead.

Whether its to take a holiday, renovating your home, starting a new hobby, Aside from the health benefits, quitting smoking can lead to substantial savings. Calculate the amount of money you spent on smoking and visualize what you can do with that money instead. Whether it's taking a dream vacation, renovating your home, or starting a new hobby, going to the theatre or a concert, the financial rewards of stopping smoking can surprisingly make a big difference.

Health Benefits:

We all know these days that there are considerable health benefits to stopping smoking and these are certainly good to focus upon when keeping your motivation to change the habit.

This can include the lowered risk of cancer, Smoking is the lead cause of various cancers such as Lung, throat and mouth and stopping smoking reduces these risks considerably.

you can improve your lung function and your lung capacity leading to improved breathing and reduced coughing issues. It can help enhance the cardiovascular system, stopping reduces the risk of heart disease and strokes.

You can regain overall fitness as your lung capacity increases and physical activities become easier. Taste and sense of smell can heighten meaning that we can enjoy food more and appreciate the flavours.

An extra tip:

To stop smoking i always encourage people to reframe their self talk into concentrating on what they stand to gain instead of the process of the actual smoking itself.

We are somewhat programmed to believe that stopping something is negative such as also losing something such as weight.

So instead id encourage the person to catch any similar talk and change it to alternatives such as " I am gaining better finances, better health and a longer life"

We can then break these positives down further and imagine what we would do with that extra money, extra time and fitness which can greatly help us to stay on track and keep our focus on the goals we would like to achieve.

Stopping Smoking, new beginnings

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