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About Me

I am an experienced and qualified behavioural specialist and performance coach who can help shape your perspective into a healthy and productive one to support you moving forward to achieve your goals. Whether it’s your career, within relationships, Family settings or other interests.
I feel extremely lucky to have had a vast mixture of experiences such as within management and supervision, youth working, policing, addiction key working, counselling, sports leadership and coaching that has provided me with the skills and knowledge to help support others to make affective changes to achieve their goals and change unwanted behaviours which has included helping those with anxiety, low self esteem, lack of motivation and depression within clinical settings.
Often people are worried about making changes even if these are seen to be positive ones, leaving what we already know, no matter how bad it may seem can be difficult as it is still a familiar setting that we have survived within.
My role is to help you identify the changes that you would like to make and to support you to feel more comfortable to make them, enabling you to move forward to gain new skills and to strengthen the skills that you already have while achieving your goals.

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Sport Sessions


Improve confidence and gain that winning edge

No matter what level you are at within sport be it at amateur or professional I can help support you to increase in confidence, reduce nerves and anxiety , and to set clear targets to help you to achieve your goals providing you that winning edge that can make all the difference over your opponents . With a great track record I have helped some of the top professional sports people win the biggest of tournaments and also supported many others to win their first.

 Relationship, advocacy and mediation sessions 


Gain healthier working relationships

Be it working, friendships, partners or family, relationships come in all different shapes and forms and are often very important to us and our happiness.
Maintaining healthy and happy relationships isn’t always easy and can take hard work. Sometimes we can get stuck either worried that we are going to lose these important relationships , that they are no longer going to be productive or that they could become damaging.
As a trained mediator, family worker and group worker I can help you gain the most from your relationship be it in the work place, home or socially.

Non opiate Recovery


Breaking the chain of addiction

By using a mixture of motivational skills, alternative therapies, 1-1 recovery working and life mapping you can break away from Non opiate addiction including Cocaine, cannabis, Amphetamine and such things as Gambling.
Break the chains of addiction while working privately, regain a healthier lifestyle, improve relationships and gain back control.

Self Improvement


Develop positive beliefs

Work on yourself during 1-1 private sessions to increase confidence, self esteem, reduce nerves, anxiety and unwanted habits and behaviours. Reduce phobias and fears; set and achieve goals and stay focused, increasing concentration, control and motivation to achieve your ambitions.
Also gain support around careers, CV’S, applications and interview skills




Events and Discussions

During 2018

Matt Andrews Mentoring has been invited to attend a large number of events and discussions this year on many subjects including knife crime, Family relationships, Developing positive team working and dealing with addiction. This also included being invited by Everton's legend goalkeeper Neville Southall to take over his Twitter account


Advising on knife crime

March 2019

We have been currently helping to advise ITV and some police services on knife crime . This is going to be an ongoing project looking both at the issues and solution's


Continuing to grow within Sport


2019 has seen a continued growth within sport for myself . Supporting those in a large mixture of sports including Darts, Rugby, Football, Tennis, Snooker and Golf.

2020 The success continues

January 2020

A great start to 2020 with supporting a number of people within the Darts Q school in Wigan, Tournament wins in Golf and Snooker including Ashley Hugill  winning the WSF Open final which resulted in him regaining a position on the Professional Tour and thanking those who had supported him including Matt Andrews Mentoring. 


A new year , new challenges 

February 2021

It is a pleasure to have been asked to be the phycological support to the winners of the Snooker Legends Cues of Tomorrow series. Supporting the three eventual winners of the tour through the following Q-School process.
As well as supporting a number of players on the professional tour, the disability tour, Amateur and Seniors it is a pleasure to be able to give something back to the younger players and the stars of the future.


Client Reviews

"Matt has a unique and very special way of being able to listen, care and address your problems"


"The way that Matt helped us with a staffing issue was fantastic, managing to resolve the problem quickly and while improving staff relationships"


"I don't know how or why but every time I work with you I win the Tournament"


 Matt has had an incredible effect on me over the past couple of weeks at Q-school, whether that be picking the colours out for me in practice (including a beautiful 146 break 😉) or simply just generally keeping me relaxed in between practice and match. If anyone is looking for someone to help on the mental side of the game, Matt is an extremely good guy to have in your corner. I can't thank you enough Matt.

Billy Ginn

"In under a year with working with Matt I've have seen more consistent performances reaching the later stages of tournaments and winning tournaments along the way achieving more goals and aims.
Matt is always on hand for help and advice. Even just to make sure your doing ok and also to cheer you up after disappointment or set backs he always puts things in a different light to make sure you get back on track" 

William Thomson

 "A few years back I was in a bad place after my brain tumor was removed so I turned to matt for help and he duly obliged.
I'm delighted to say I'm in a good position now and matt has been somewhat of an inspiration for me"



Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine.

― Roy T. Bennett

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